Some More Random Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Remember that one time I said that I have cardboard boxes coming out of my ears?  Well, it is still true, because life goes on and cardboard boxes are a part of life.  There is just no way around it.  There are now two ways that I recycle these neverending components of my life and that is by using them as bonfire starter, or by giving them, what I like to call, a “makeover”.  Last time I talked about how I transformed Kleenex boxes and cereal boxes into useful, household bins.  This time I am going to talk about some more random uses that I have discovered, since I still have more cardboard boxes than I know what to do with.

Last time I said that the Kleenex towel holder was my favorite.  This time I’m saying that the little hammering station for my 18 month old is my favorite.  I took a diaper box and spray painted it with a solid color, just so the background wouldn’t be too distracting.  Then I took a pack of golf tees laying around from the time my husband wanted to become a golf pro and then realized he didn’t actually like golf but had still invested in all of the equipment.  I poked the tees in the box and then pulled them out so that holes remained.  Then I gave my son a mini hammer (which they sell at Lowe’s for ten bucks) and he spent literally forty-five minutes hammering golf tees back into the holes in the box.  Ah-mazing!  Did I get a ton of work done while he was so busy?  Well, let’s just say that I got a ton of work done on the new Sue Grafton novel…


I was so stinking excited over this new toy for my younger son that I wanted to find something to do for my older son.  I decided on a Toy Garage, so I started saving paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls, and when I had amassed a rather large quantity (which doesn’t actually take that long), I layered them inside of a cardboard box, using glue in between to keep them secure, and cutting down the paper towel rolls to the right length.  I spray painted it all very nicely and then put his matchbox cars in each of the holes.  At the top of the box I painted two little helo pads for his little helicopters.  Once again, major win for mom.  And this time I got to paint my nails!

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