And A One and A Two and A Shipping Bags

Music is probably one of the greatest things that has probably ever existed.  If you think about it, it has been around for as long as people.  Every single people group revers music in one way, shape or another, and they always have.  I think it’s crazy fascinating to think about the people that invented musical instrument.  I mean, how incredible to have music so in your soul that you developed an entire machine in order to get it out.  Now that’s a miracle, like it or not.

I have always been a major fan of music.  But today I’d like to talk a little bit about shipping bags.  Shipping bags also need their place in the discussion forum.  Okay, I guess this particular topic of conversation will only pertain to a very small group of individuals, whereas music is completely universal.  Perhaps you could consider shipping bags to be “elite”, and not just under-whelming.  There is so much out there that was originally considered under-whelming but then quickly rose in importance and popularity.  Like the peanut, or any number of inventions that were originally thought to be silly and have now become vital contributors to everyday life.


Like shipping bags.  From the bubble pack to the cardboard one insulated with that stuff that looks like dryer lint.  If a box isn’t necessary for sending something, shipping bags are ready to stand in the gap.  And how convenient is that!  They conform to the shape of what you are sending so much easier, and are therefore so much more spatially and cost effective, too.  Granted, they make for awkward stacking and handling, but that is something for the mail people to worry about.

Maybe you wouldn’t like to talk about shipping bags anymore.  Maybe that’s as far as your interest goes in such a subject.  If that is the case, I wouldn’t blame you.  I would encourage you to give them the respect they are due, and to even call them to mind every now and then in your daily life.  I’m sure you will find that you come across shipping bags so many more times than you think you would.

Now, back to much more universal and stimulating topic of conversation: music.  From the womb to our last moments on earth, as human beings we love music.  Animals don’t seem to care about it one way or another, but a baby can learn to dance before they can learn to walk, and a song will bring someone comfort in the valley of Alzheimer’s.

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