Shipping Supplies are Shipping Supplies

Isn’t it amazing when something ordinary can become something wonderful, and amazing?  Creativity can open so many doors for so many beautiful things.  If you are a creative person you could probably walk around your house and grab random things and turn them into a fascinating work of art, or an intriguing life hack.  You could probably take a stack of shipping supplies and turn them into a castle.  If you are a compassionate person you could probably probably walk around your house and grab random things and turn them into something that would help somebody else.  You could turn shipping supplies into a care package.


It’s not really being redundant when we say that shipping supplies are shipping supplies.  Because they are!  All over the world.  It’s how we send food and household items to people in need.  It’s how we pack up blankets and t-shirts and socks and soccer balls and send them to villages high up in the mountains.  It’s how we can give tents and sleeping bags and school supplies and canned goods to areas that have been ravaged by a hurricane or earthquake.

One of my favorite times of the year is when little green boxes with red lids start popping up.  They are “shoeboxes” for Operation Christmas Child.  You can put whatever you want in that little box, anything to bring joy to a child from an impoverished nation.  I always choose the oldest age group, because I think they must be the hardest to shop for, and the most neglected.  It’s so much more fun to shop for babies and toddlers, and even five to eight-year-olds are easier to shop for.  Fun toys and candy are easy to come by.  It starts to get a bit more challenging when you are moving into the pre-teens.

A hand mirror?  A jump rope?  A toothbrush and toothpaste and one of those washrags that comes in a plastic cube and then expands when you get it wet (dude, I’d really like to see how they make those things).  A yoyo.  Chewing gum and sidewalk chalk.  A first aid kit and a sewing kit.  I love doing this.  Throughout the year I collect little trinkets and when December comes I get to dump it all out and remember all the fun stuff and get to choose which boxes they will go in.  I really try to imagine the child that will be opening the box.

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