Hitch’s Bin Liners Part 2

Sometimes it was hard to be the one in charge of changing out the bin liners.  It was a big responsibility.  If no one was there to take out the trash, and replace the bag, trash would just pile up, and spill out of the cans, and onto the floor.  A mess would grow and consume the entire trash station, and a puddle of brown ooze would begin to spread across the tiles.  It would be a terrible tripping hazard, and maybe some old people would start slipping, and then their slipping would start to turn into a dance, and someone else would join in, and before you knew, everyone in the food court was doing a dance and singing.

Hitch called it his “bin liners” dream, and he liked when it had a happy ending.  Sometimes it didn’t.  Sometimes it involved an ambulance coming.  He was afraid of ambulances.  He had to ride in one once when he was twenty-two and he had a really bad seizure.  He remembered being really afraid, because he knew that ambulance was going to take him to the hospital, and he didn’t like hospitals.  He had spent a lot of time there are as a kid and it always hurt, and it was always loud.  Everyone was always nice, though, and that was good.  Because sometimes a lot of people just weren’t nice.


After having this dream, his “bin liners” dream, Hitch would go into work the next day very seriously.  HE would pay special attention to staying on task.  Sometimes he would start to feel his mouth going dry, and a sweat beginning to form.  What if he wasn’t going fast enough?  What if the trash bin on the other side of the food court was already over-flowing?  He would try to use some of his like skills in moments like that.  He would say to himself, “It’s okay, Hitch, you will get there soon.

Don’t worry.  It’s okay.  Someone will tell you if it’s overflowing.”  This always made a lot of sense to Hitch, and he wished that he could find a way to incorporate it into his dream, even if it meant he no longer had the dream where it ended with people dancing and smiling and singing.  People always came up to him, sometimes in not a very nice way, to tell him that a certain trash can was beginning to fill up too much.  The public never failed to keep him notified.  Now he just had to find a way to get the public to do this in his dream.

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