How to Find Discount Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Everyone knows that discount packaging and shipping supplies are hard to come by.  And if you didn’t know than you are either under the age of seventeen and have never moved, or you are over the age of eighty and haven’t moved since the fifties.  Otherwise, if you’ve played the moving game in any capacity whatsoever you know what I’m talking about.


There are a couple things to keep an eye out for, though, to ensure that you are legitimately getting the best bang for your buck, and not the the other way around:

  • First and foremost, the internet. For all of you that hate internet shopping, if you want discount packaging and shipping supplies this is something you are going to have to make an exception for.  UHaul doesn’t have a Black Friday sale.  If you are buying your supplies from an actual shipping or department store you are not getting a discount because they are A) going to upcharge to cover the cost of getting it all shipped and unloaded and stocked, and B) going to upcharge on top of that because that is simply what they do.
  • The right kind of website. So yes, the internet is where you are going to find the best deal, but I’m not even talking about Amazon Prime.  As a matter of fact, stay away from Amazon entirely for this one.  You are looking for actual websites that are certified by the Better Business Bureau and actually specialize in the product they are selling.  If you stumble across a website that doesn’t offer literally hundreds of options for the same thing, that is a sign it’s not legit.
  • Buy bulk. This is where the discount part comes in.  Sure, there is an automatic discount for going right to the source and cutting out the middle man (or one of them), but buying bulk is really where you wind up saving your money, and that is pretty much a fact from bread flour to diapers.
  • Buy a bundle. Sometimes these websites offer a moving bundle, if you are looking to move, complete with all of the random things that you will find yourself needing but probably forgetting.  That is, if they are a website that understands hundreds of options of the same item can be really overwhelming for the average individual…

And voila!  There you have it.  Some things to look for when trying to find discount packaging and shipping supplies.  If you don’t wind up paying drastically less by following these tips than I’m a vermicious knid.

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