The Benefits of Using Stretch Film Wrap

When it comes to wrapping your pallet, you want to do so wisely. If this process has not been carefully executed, the contents of your pallet might never end up where they are supposed to. In this event, it will cost you time and money that should have never been spent. When it comes to wrapping your pallets in an effective manner, it is best that a high quality stretch film wrap is used.

Stretch film wrap from is beneficial for a number of reasons. First and foremost: this stretch film wrap has been tested in order to provide the best stretch, cling, puncture resistance, and clarity. It is good to know you are getting the best stretch and cling for your buck, and also that it will not be punctured during its journey. Last but not least, being able to see what is inside the pallet is beneficial to the folks who are in charge of unloading trucks and distributing items where they need to go.


At you can also purchase your stretch film wrap in three different roll widths and five different film thicknesses measured in gauges. The way this is done, you are wondering? The larger the gage, the thicker the film thickness. Having the option to select the size of wrap will help you to properly wrap your pallets in the most effective manner. Having a larger roll width for a larger pallet, for example, will keep you from using excess. If you are trying to wrap a large pallet with a smaller roll width, you will end up using the entire roll just by getting it to cover the entire pallet properly. Ain’t nobody got time for wasted film wrap.

A final benefit of using stretch film wrap, especially from this site, is that it is the softest, quietest, and most flexible film on the market. If you happen to be the lucky guy that gets to wrap pallets all day, you can understand why this would be beneficial. No more earplugs and moisturizing cream required, and you won’t be sweating by the time the process is through.

Oops, we lied. Not done yet! The final benefit and good news from shopping from for your stretch film wrap needs? It is extremely inexpensive! Rolls start at just $10.85 and can be ordered in up to 8+ counts.

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