Even More Hidden Benefits of Stretch Film

Consider this scenario: a little boy gets accidentally left home when the rest of his family leaves for vacation, and a couple of lowlifes decide to rob his house because he doesn’t have anyone there to help him or make them stop. Well, it turns out that this kid is incredibly talented in the art of self-preservation, and he completely booby-traps the home with some seriously genius inventions. One of them includes covering a doorway in stretch film, and then smearing the stretch film with glue. So that when Lowlife Number One tries to go through the doorway, which he assumes to be free and clear, he winds up walking right into the invisible wall and getting covered with sticky goo. Add a snowstorm of feathers and there isn’t too much left that the guys can withstand.

Okay, so that’s obviously from Home Alone, but it needs to be mentioned. Because I’m about to get into even more hidden benefits of stretch film, and by benefits I mean pranks. That is, pranks which can be accomplished using stretch film. I already mentioned how a band of young adult renegades (aka teenagers), all employed at the same restaurant, used one of the rolls of stretch film to wrap their manager’s car. It took the poor man about two hours to saw through the stuff using a Swiss army knife and a set of keys. This is not the only amazing prank, although it is definitely the largest and probably the best.

You’ve got the booby-trapped doorway, which doesn’t even need to include the whole glue and feathers situation. It’s good enough watching every great uncle and spoiled cousin flatten against it, their faces sliding all over the surface as they struggle to comprehend what is happening. This particular prank is usually makes up a decent percentage of the material sent to America’s Funniest Home Videos.


Another one, that I have never attempted and probably never will, and that I don’t even necessarily recommend but that many people swear by, is the one where you cover the toilet in stretch film. You can probably get the basic idea and therefore surmise why I think it goes under the category of “bad calls”. Basically, someone attempts to utilize the facilities and then begins to wonder at the mess growing all over the floor. I could personally laugh off the first two and not this last one, so make sure your mark is a good sport for sure. And, from now on, beware of stretch film!

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