Custom Packaging Tape for the Home

Do not be misled into thinking that custom packaging tape has no place in your home. In fact, it has many places, and I will prove it to you. You don’t have to be a small business, or a business of any kind, to benefit from some specific types of tape (otherwise known as custom packaging tape). Of course there’s regular, clear packing tape, which is useful for when you actual need to package something.

Custom Packaging Tape

I keep this kind in my glovebox for when I need to mail out a box and don’t want to buy a new, over-priced roll on site every single time. Electrical tape is useful for managing the tangles of cords that usually exist behind entertainment systems and underneath desks. I had a friend who used to use old bread bag ties for her, but that quickly developed into a choking hazard when she began to have kids. She was the one that got me started using the electrical tape. It’s easy to remove if you need to switch something around, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Custom Packaging Tape

I even use it to tape cords to the legs of my desk, or onto the wall, and I don’t have to worry about it destroying anything. Perhaps the custom packaging tape that I have become the most fond of is called flatback tape. I don’t know what “flatback” has to do with anything, but this kind of tape is made from brown kraft paper and, I have found, just so happens to be the best thing to label storage containers with . This is because it can withstand extreme temperatures and even humidity very well. I use the attic for storage, or the garage, and neither one of those locations is climate controlled.

Custom Packaging Tape

As a matter of fact, it gets so humid where we live that it isn’t uncommon for surfaces to be damp to the touch. I just put a little strip on each side of the box, mark it with a sharpie, and am confident that the label will still be there the next time I need to drag the box out.

Regular masking tape just slips right off when it gets damp, and duct tape melts and shrinks when it’s too hot. Flatback tape has been the perfect solution, and it can easily be ordered online. The best part is that these are just a few examples of custom packaging tape that can be used in the home.

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