Stretch Film: It’s Time to Stock Up

So I think the theme of the week here is going to be its-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it slash post apocalypse. It probably has a lot do do with the fact that I recently started watching the Walking Dead again, and I’m feeling a little jumpy. I’ve said before how I’m not much of a “what if” kind of person.

I feel pretty grounded in my life and in my beliefs, but there is just something about watching a zombie show that gets me. The over-active imagination doesn’t need much help when being stimulated by something convincingly real. I then begin to think about what would be a beneficial product to have on hand during such a turn of events, and I have to say that stretch film is definitely one of them.

It might be a bit heavy to try dragging around, but that didn’t stop people from carrying around machine guns back in the day either. In a world where bullets and firepower are going to run out quick fast and in a hurry, it would behoove us to be prepared with alternatives. I’m convinced that stretch film is the answer. For one, I have this vision in my head of industrial strength film wrap wrapped around and around a section of trees, to kind of create an enclosed space, many feet higher than the tallest person.

Has anyone ever tried to puncture through heavy-duty industrial grade stretch film? It’s basically impossible. You would pale at the thought of using a sword, because the blade would probably bounce right off and slice through your neck or arm or something horrible. You could shoot it, sure, but if you are a zombie you wouldn’t know how to operate a gun and most people wouldn’t have a gun anyway.

Certain people would have insane amounts, and the rest would pretty much be grossly unarmed. Seriously, while “passing through” making a stretch film fort is a genius idea. You can light a fire and more or less not have to worry about approaching hoards. You could even use it to spin between tree branches and create a sort of spider web for sleeping in.

Any and all of your supplies could be tightly secured in stretch film, making an easily carried bundle and also protecting everything from dirt, pests, and moisture. Surely you have been convinced. I’m telling you guys, it’s time for us to stock up on some stretch film. Like now.

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