Bin Liners: It’s Time to Stock Up

If there were a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear fallout, what items would you want to have on hand? At the top of my list would be bin liners, hands down. I’ll explain in a moment. Talking about this kind of stuff always makes me panic a little and begin to formulate a list of all this stuff I need to have on hand, including a bomb shelter.

I’m generally not a “what if” kind of person, and disaster preparedness is certainly at the bottom of my to-do list, but with all of the uber convincing sci-fi and graphic novels out there it’s become quite easy to imagine some insane realities. Granted, if there was a nuclear fallout all of the bottles of water and cans of baked beans would turn to dust, unless they were in said bomb shelter, which has to meet specifications in order to survive.

And a bomb shelter might lose its merit in a zombie apocalypse unless you are stocked up for like 18 months or something crazy like that and can just wait until they all deteriorate before reemerging and taking back the earth. Anyway, it’s easy to get carried away, but bin liners are a very practical item and that is what I would want to have on hand. It’s easy to find bins, right? Keeping something protected from dirt, pests, and water inside of them is a different story. Cleaning out an old trash bin is easy enough.

Without a bin liner you probably wouldn’t want to risk storing your stuff in there. Bin liners could also make amazing ponchos. They could be used to collect water. They could be used to line the roof of a shelter. They could be draped over a frame and used to make a little mini green house. Zombies don’t eat vegetables, so as long as you have secured the perimeter of your garden you shouldn’t have to worry about the produce getting ransacked- unless we’re talking about marauders, but that’s a whole different topic.

Which I guess still applies to bin liners because they could be used to wrap your stash of weaponry before you bury them, and then when you find yourself at war with human beings who are rotten at heart (and not just entirely) you can be assured that your arsenal is safe and ready to go. Bin liners: it’s time to stock up.

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