The Spirit of Shipping Boxes

Consider this scenario. It is the holiday season and, unfortunately, I found myself having to mail off an item that I was returning to Amazon. Of course if it was not a time sensitive item I would have waited a good two or three weeks until after the New Year, but such was not the case this time around. You can’t win ‘em all…

The part that really sucked was that I had to take my two toddlers with me. That’s right, my three-year-old and two-year-old (who was also sick, by the way), in line, at the post office, during the holiday season. This is truly the stuff of nightmares, people. Thankfully, I found the Spirit of Christmas smiled down upon me during this visit. But that is not the point of the story, although the Spirit of Christmas is always nice to give a nod to. The point of this story is shipping boxes. And what better place to have a story about shipping boxes than the United States Postal Service? It’s chock full of them! While the three of us were making our way into the building, we saw that the man walking ahead of us was holding a very beautifully wrapped Christmas present, complete with a green bow in the top left hand corner.
Shipping Boxes

It was your standard size clothing gift box, and he was obviously on the hunt for something to send it in. My son didn’t notice him searching through the shipping boxes, he was more interested in the actual gift. He looked at me with shining eyes, “A present, Mommy!” And then his dimple began showing, and his little jack-o-lantern teeth started gleaming: “Can I have that?” Thankfully he asked, and did not assume, and was able to laugh off his naivety. This man began going through some seriously huge boxes, and my eyes kept lighting on a choice that would have been much more logical.

I was hoping to send him a message through the airwaves, but the Spirit of Christmas was apparently too distracted with keeping my daughter from blowing her nose into my shoulder and my son from digging in the trash bin. When it comes to shipping boxes, the right size really is a crucial part of the decision making process.

Thankfully, at there are over one thousand sizes to choose from, in a variety of different styles. Wanna know the clincher of this whole scenario? Apparently the envelope I was trying to send off was not overweight afterall and only needed one stamp. Gimme a break…

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