The Five Ws of Stretch Wrap Film

Ah yes, the five Ws. We’ve seen them before in the case of cheap cardboard boxes, and probably bin liners, and most certainly packaging tape. Now… now we see them in the case of stretch wrap film. What are the five Ws, you may ask? The who, what, when, where, and why of stretch wrap film, of course! Watch:

Who: In keeping with the times, stretch wrap film does not discriminate, and this means that it can be used by anyone and for anyone. Hand held rolls for the pallet wrapper (don’t forget the dispenser, which will make the job so very much easier, take my word for it), or machine grade size for the machine operator.

Polypropylene sheets that crinkle and twinkle for the gift basket maker. Saran wrap for the caterer or soup kitchen director or homemaker. Poly sheeting for the serial killer (I couldn’t help it. Dexter must have spent an absolute fortune on poly sheeting… and he still had to wind up going off to the woods and growing a beard…).
Stretch Wrap Film

What: Stretch wrap film is pretty self-explanatory, but I will humor the W in the name of what is going on here. Stretch wrap film is that flexible and clingy plastic that can be saran wrap when dealing with food and pallet wrap when dealing with industrial things. Also belonging to the family is shrink film; or poly tubing, which you can make your own size packaging bags from if you have the correct accessories (namely, the heat sealer).

When: At this point I may be kind of repeating myself, but stretch wrap film is used in simple everyday situations (like trying to preserve your leftovers) and in not so simple everyday situations (like trying to secure a pallet of boxes). It is better to have the option of those chicken strips for tomorrow, or to reduce the hazard of losing thousands of dollars of product and safety concerns, too, is what I always say.

Where: at you can find all of the products with which to satisfy your stretch wrap film needs, amongst a host of other things.

Why: Don’t you like to dress up those gift baskets you hand out every Christmas? Don’t you want to save money on expensive cloth drop cloths and just use a piece of clear poly sheeting instead? The why is pretty simple, people. Preservation of any and all kinds: food, products, people, gifts… The list is endless.

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