I Heart Bin Liners

My sister works at a cupcake factory. Those of us who go into such a place just see the finished product behind the glass, looking decadent and amazing. Or, like at my sister’s place of employment, you can see some of the employees mixing together batters and icings and whatnot in giant, industrial size mixers.

They pour ingredients in from enormous tubs. None of us ever know the behind-the-scenes, except for me, because I have the ‘inside’ scoop. It turns out that the manager is in charge of ordering supplies, and that there is no type of fairy who harvests cotton candy clouds and cooks them down to make sugar, which they then deliver to the backdoor of sweet shops all around the world.

Bin Liners

A lot of those supplies come in enormous cardboard boxes, the kind we all dreamed about as a kid. The kind we could have made an apartment building out of. In order to keep the contents fresh and clean, there are bin liners which line the bins (aka boxes). These boxes come stuffed to the brim with insane amounts of chocolate chunks, all of which get melted down on site to dip pretzels in, or gummy bears… The bin liners make it easy on everyone. The manufacturer’s job is easier, because they don’t have to worry about their product maintaining its quality. They can just line a bin, slide that baby under some type of dispensing system, and release extreme amounts of peanuts, or coconut flakes, or white chocolate chips (or however it works).

The delivery man’s job is easier, because it’s a lot easier to move cardboard instead of something much more heavy duty. The business owner’s job is easier because, thanks to the bin liners, they don’t have to worry about trying to find a different way to store their product when they get it in. They can just leave it all in the boxes, tie them up at night, and sleep without any worry or care about critters or varmints soiling the goods. It’s all so much easier so that we can walk into a cupcake factory and have an insane amount of flavors and goodnesses to choose from.

If it wasn’t easier, we would probably have just chocolate and vanilla still, instead of lavender pistachio and peanut butter with a chocolate ganache, and all those fancy words. But I’m sure that none of this matters, because I probably had you at, “My sister works at a cupcake factory…”

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