Where Are Shipping Boxes Wholesale?

I recently did a whole bit about answering questions with a question, and I was really enjoying throwing out some rhetorical questions (i.e. a figure of speech in the form of a question in order to make a point). We’ve all been asked some rhetorical questions.

I’m sure that when I first mentioned it your mind immediately zipped back to a hidden place in your childhood, and this vision surfaces of your father’s face looking down at you, and you hear the echo of your question as it fades away, “But why can’t I trade my brother in?” And your dad goes, “What do you think?” Burn, Dad. Seriously, man.


I have to admit that even though rhetorical questions decorate a lot of a child’s memories, I often find myself using them on my son, hoping that they will reveal how foolish he sounds. “Stop chewing on the desk.” “Why?” “Why do you think?” “Think?” “Why do you think you should stop chewing on the desk?” “Desk…” In the end, I’m the one that always winds up looking like a fool, but I’m really hoping that one day it will work. But you get my point.

The question here is: Where are shipping boxes wholesale?

And I will answer that question with this question, “Have you ever been to PackagingSupplies.com?”

You hesitate, recognizing a sense of déjà vu about this whole scenario, but you take the bait anyway: “What is that?”

At which point, once again, I break the cycle to talk about PackagingSupplies.com, and how they sell packaging supplies, and how this is where you can find shipping boxes wholesale. Not only can you find shipping boxes wholesale, in literally hundreds of sizes, shapes, and styles, you can find just about any other obscure and awesome packaging or shipping supply that exists. Any kind of packaging tape (seventeen varieties!)… An absolutely insane amount of plastic bags, for anything from your workshop to your Etsy shop to your bookshop… It’s incredible.

Still skeptical, and still not really knowing if this is déjà vu or not, you say, “Are you sure that this is where I can find shipping boxes wholesale?” Perhaps you don’t believe that such an option really exists, for which I wouldn’t blame you. Finding a good price on any kind of box is really hard to come by. I mean, those suckers are expensive. So I can appreciate and understand your natural mistrust.

But then, grinning once again, I would reply with: “Is Bill Gates rich?”

Get it?

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