Cardboard Boxes: A Few of My Favorite Things

It goes without saying that cardboard boxes are one of my favorite things. I say that it goes without saying because without cardboard boxes there would be a serious lack of certain amazing things in my life. For instance, anything off of Amazon. You wouldn’t think about it like that, but it’s totally true.

I couldn’t order awesome books at shockingly low prices and have them arrive at my doorstep a mere two days later if it wasn’t for the advances that have been made in the world of packaging supplies. So, what really goes without saying is that cardboard boxes are one of my favorite things because they [can] hold my actual favorite things. Boxes of books. Literally my favorite thing in the world. Unless it’s a box of snacks from Trader Joe’s that my best friend mailed to me because we don’t have Trader Joe’s on the east coast (or anywhere that I’ve ever lived. What is up with that?). And inside of that box of snacks are the individual cardboard boxes that hold the actual snacks: pumpkin seed and cranberry pita crisps, dark chocolate covered mint truffles, maple syrup and praline instant oatmeal. All of these things in cardboard boxes.

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You see, cardboard boxes didn’t just revolutionize the packaging and shipping industries. They revolutionized all industries, including the domestic one. The option to package something in cardboard makes it cheaper to purchase and available to more people. Not to mention that pretty much anything can be ordered online now.  Not only that, after you’ve received an order, or what have you, you’ve got a free cardboard box!

So the pile of extension cords can get tucked away, labeled with the hasty scrawl of a permanent marker, and slid up on the top shelf in the basement storage closet. Or you can pick up all the junk your kids constantly leave lying around, stash it in said box, and label it ‘gardening supplies’, so that when they ask if you’ve seen their iPod anywhere, you can say, “Last time I checked it was with the gardening supplies”, and they will think you are being a sarcastic jerk, but one day they just might catch on.

Probably not, though. And then you can bring the box out one Christmas season after everyone has grown up and moved out and have their own kids, and everyone will laugh until they are crying…hopefully…

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