If There Were No Cardboard Boxes for Sale

Take and a minute and try to imagine if no stores had cardboard boxes for sale. Actually, back up a minute. Take a minute and try to imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have access to cardboard boxes. How would we pack up our homes? How would we store things in the garage? If we didn’t have cardboard boxes we probably wouldn’t even have plastic totes because surely the former idea derived from the latter.

I imagine we would be using wooden crates for everything again. I wonder if we would even live lives as complicated as they are. If you really think about it, would we own as much as we do if there were no cardboard boxes? I imagine that online stores wouldn’t really be an option. After all, unless they could mail everything in a bag, surely they wouldn’t even exist?

I mean, all of that stuff comes in cardboard boxes, from the diapers to the books to the electronics. Online shopping would cease to exist! And if that was the reality, then Cyber Monday wouldn’t exist! Cyber Monday was just a couple days ago, and I got some seriously amazing deals. I got like six hundred dollars worth of tools for under two hundred (can I get a “woop woop”?). And this access to tools is a lot more serious than you might assume. We moved into our home, a real fixer upper, over three years ago, and this whole time we have been nickeling and diming our supplies, and struggling and making do.

A nail gun for twenty bucks? You’ve got to be kidding me! This would probably cut putting up trim by hours. All of those tools will be arriving in cardboard boxes. If I couldn’t have ordered them online for rock bottom prices, because they couldn’t be shipped to my home, we would continue to labor through the home remodeling process. I guess the patience and labor is all just part of not wanting to remodel off of credit, but cardboard boxes for sale, I’m realizing as I write this, have really opened up a lot of doors for us!

And if manufacturers didn’t have cardboard boxes for sale, then the place I buy my supplements from wouldn’t have access to them, and then they wouldn’t be able to send me the protein shakes and cellulite reducer to my house. And then I would have cellulite! I refuse to accept this as a way of life, and I’m so stinking glad that I don’t have to.

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