Stretch Film Wrap for Miles

Does anybody remember that song that goes “I can see for miles and miles and miles..”? I’m sure most of you also remember that it was by The Who, and before we go on I just have a confession to make. I had to Google the lyrics, and it was only then that I realized this was Morrison’s song.

I’m more than a little embarrassed, but I just feel like I had to start on honest ground. And that’s the first part: I didn’t know “I Can See for Miles” was by The Who. Not that it really matters for my story, though. This is because when I was a child, my cousin and brother used to sit in the back seat of our conversion van and sing the chorus over and over and over.

It was enough to drive a child crazy, I’m telling you what. I would sit in the middle seat, one of the bucket seats, you know what I’m talking about, and just pray to God that they would stop. And they knew I was praying that they would stop, which is exactly why they didn’t. I have to admit, my cousin and my brother kind of had it out for me in those days, and it sucked more than a little bit.

All of that leads up to stretch film wrap, though, and this is why: because when I start talking about stretch film wrap I start singing that song in my head (“I can see for miles and miles and miles…”). If you were to find yourself in possession of a roll of it, industrial grade, and if you were to unroll it, you would find that it was two thousand feet long. Two thousand feet of stretch film wrap! This is the smallest gauge, which means it is the thinnest.

You can go thicker, but sometimes it’s not always necessarily to use the really heavy duty stuff. If you just need to go with the heaviest and the dutiest, you would still wind up with a thousand feet per roll. A thousand feet! We all know that a mile is just over five thousand feet, so if you were to buy even just five rolls of stretch film wrap, and lay them out end to end, you would literally have miles of it. Like I said, thinking about stretch film wrap makes me burst into song, High-School musical style: “I can see for miles and miles and miles…!”

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