Why I Love Shipping Boxes

I never knew how much I loved shipping boxes until I really needed them. Another fancy moniker for this handy packaging product is ‘carton’. Like milk carton, but not really, because they have nothing to do with milk. It’s just that carton is another word for box, specifically when talking about the cardboard kind.


When talking about shipping boxes the word ‘box’ and ‘carton’ are technically interchangeable, but I’m going to assume that this audience is neither foreign or over the age of fifty, and so I’m going to stick with ‘box’. If you are either of the two camps listed, then please bypass the offense you may have taken at my blundering assumption and, instead, consider yourself lucky to get a break from the word ‘carton’.

I guess what I love most about shipping boxes is that I can get them at PackagingSupplies.com. It’s really all about more than just the product, right? It’s about where you’re getting it. I can imagine all of those people that are wandering around packaging supply purgatory, unable to find a supplier that they feel they can really do business with. If you can hear me out there, people in packaging supply purgatory, you can be satisfied!

Like the website says, “PackagingSupplies.com strives to be the one-stop source for all your shipping boxes…” Okay, okay, I admit that the website does indeed say ‘carton’, but I committed to saying ‘box’ and, by George, I’m gonna do it. Striving to be the one-stop source is what makes PackagingSupplies.com focused on one-hundred percent customer satisfaction (which the website also says). Since one-hundred percent customer satisfaction is the goal, if you have a question, comment, or concern, they are happy to help in any way they can (also from the website). You don’t have to take my word for it, though, you can see for it yourself right on the website.

In case you are tired of hearing me use the word ‘website’ (just stop saying ‘website’ already, would you! You may find yourselves screaming at the computer screen), I will go back to talking about shipping boxes and why I love them. They come in all shapes and sizes. When I say this, that they come in all shapes and sizes, I’m being serious as a heartattack.

If you are someone like me and you love when things are symmetrical and nice and neat but also packed comfortably and not bulging or sagging in, you will love the fact that shipping boxes can come in all shapes and sizes. There are literally hundreds to choose from at PackagingSupplies.com. Yet another reason…

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