The Five “W”s of Poly Shipping Bags

Who: It may seem silly to personify something like poly shipping bags, but in keeping with the theme (who, what, when, where, why) the ‘who’ might seem pretty obvious, but it’s actually not. At there are literally forty-six icons to choose from. Like the website says, “shipping and mailing bags, packaging bags and reclosable baggies…”. These are all poly shipping bags.

What: Once again, this may seem rather obvious. Once again, nothing is obvious when there are forty-six choices to choose from. A search selection of ‘poly shipping bags’ could bring up ice bags, wicketed bread bags, static shielding bags, ultra clear polypropylene…. The list is kind of exhaustive (and no, I did not say exhausting).

When: Whenever! Whenever you need some poly shipping bags, is there! Shrink bags for when you need to shrink some plastic around something, complete with the entire kit (the heat gun), plastic grocery bags for your mom and pop corner market, but also the bag dispenser stand, packing list envelopes and even just trash can liners at wholesale prices for if you are trying to save some money around the house…

Where: At of course. It really is as easy as one, two, three. Not only is the main website easy to navigate, the mobile site is probably the best I’ve been too. Everything fits on the screen, with just some simple scrolling up and down, and there aren’t a lot of witty pictures or add-ons taking forever to load. It’s just a list of the products, a display of the credentials, and then the categories shown underneath. I kind of wish I needed to order poly shipping bags more than I do simply because it’s so refreshing to have such a wonderful shopping experience.

Why: Does this even need an answer? I mean, why would anyone need poly shipping bags? You could really be asking why anyone needs any type of bag at all. Ultra clear polypropylene for candy shops and goodie stores, coffee bags, a vast array of merchandise bags. Garment bags. Any type of need for poly shipping bags could potentially be fulfilled at, and that’s a pretty big answer to the ‘why’. Don’t you want to shop somewhere that could give you any kind of product for exactly what you are looking for? If you need some reclosable baggies, does it really matter why?


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