Packaging Tape

Last time I was trying to get across that packaging tape is a very interesting subject to talk about. I feel like I effectively communicated that it was, because I started out by saying there were no less than seventeen different kinds at, and that they were not your normal kinds either. We talked about how there is flatback tape, which is made out of paper, and gummed tape, which can be reinforced with fiberglass yarn. That’s as far as we got. There is still so much to talk about!

Filament tape. The word ‘filament’ makes me think of Thomas Edison, and so does this tape. It turns out that this kind of packaging tape has nothing to do with that famous man, but it is deserving of its own kind of recognition. Filament tape is reinforced with fiberglass strands, utility grade or premium grade, and is specifically used to bind and hold heavy and awkward loads. Why use rope or bungee cords when you can use tape? Right?


Black strapping tape is a simple brand of packaging tape, but of course is good to have around if you are in the business of stacking stuff way too high, which most businesses are. The really fantastic thing about black strapping packaging tape is that it stretches over forty percent!

What is the point of that, you find yourself asking? This is used to hold loads secure. Sometimes, as previously mentioned, more for the purpose of saving space, we stack stuff way too high. It really begins to lean like a certain famous tower in Italy, except that you can bet no one is going to pay anything to come and see this one. Unless they plan on ripping you off by acting like the whole thing fell on top of them and now they need to be compensated. So, with black strapping tape, each layer of product is wrapped around tight and then you don’t have to worry about brushing past the monument of stacked paper towels and knocking them all to the ground. Or onto some “unsuspecting” victim.

Finally: teflon packaging tape. This is a very interesting type of tape. It’s just incredible what people have thought of. It is used with poly bags and shrink equipment. The description says that it is used to cover hot wire contacts, which I’m not entirely sure what that means. But it seems safe to say that this kind of tape melts.

There are still even more kinds of packaging tape to talk about, but those are going to have to be saved for next time. Or, if you can’t bear the suspense, you can go to and find out for yourself.

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