Clear Packaging Tape – What It Means

Transparent. This is one word to describe clear packaging tape. Although a very obvious synonym, I think it deserves to be addressed. Clear doesn’t necessarily mean transparent, but when you are purchasing some ultra clear packaging tape from transparent is exactly what it is.

Clear Packaging TapeYou can see right down to the cardboard core, and with other tapes that might be clear when they are only one layer deep, they are certainly not transparent when they are on the roll. Buy the ultra clear when needing to protect labels on packages and what not.

Crystalline. Wow. What a word. It almost seems a little blasphemous to be using this word when talking about clear packaging tape. Once again, I must harken to the ultra clear at It really is crystalline. Of course this is just a really fancy way of saying ‘transparent’, but it means ‘like a crystal’, which is like glass, which is obviously transparent.

Do you know how, in the movies, someone smiles and a little light dings off their shiny, well-exposed teeth? This is what happens when you use ultra clear packaging tape. A little light will ring a bell and the beholder will be dazzled. Yes, I’m still talking about clear packaging tape.

To be a bit more low-key with my word choices I turn to ‘undarkened’. This is the most obvious of all synonyms, but then again…not really. Just because something is clear doesn’t mean that it’s also undarkened. There is such a thing as tinted glass, and plastic, and what have you, which is still clear because you can see through it but dark at the same time because of the color. Not so with clear packaging tape. It is untinted, if you will. does sell different colored packaging tape, but that is for a different time and place.

Last but not least is ‘pellucid’. This is a word that I have never heard before, which is kind of new for me because I like to think that my vocabulary is broad indeed. Pellucid means to allow the most amount of light through, like glass. Once again: translucent. This a Latin word by origin, which makes total sense. It is used often in classic literature to describe people jumping through puddles, or a musician’s music as clear as clear could be, and others.

We might have started talking about clear packaging tape, but when we begin to use these vast and mysterious words we soon find ourselves traveling through places and times, and as much as we have learned about a product we have also expanded our vocabularies at the same time. Which is pretty copasetic, if you ask me.

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