Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom Shipping BoxesWhen I first developed my own, personal business I knew that one of the things I would need from the get-go, and plenty of, were custom shipping boxes. I knew that I would need a large volume of a variety of sizes of boxes on hand at all times. After doing a lot of research, and reading a lot of reviews, I decided to use for my shipping needs. I have never regretted that decision!

Every month, on the first business day, I sit down and order my boxes. It takes less than ten minutes. I go to the website and scroll through the custom shipping boxes. I generally buy your standard, plain Jane brown cartons, although I do have some of the heavy duty ones on hand just in case. I know that I have the option of being able to choose some with an extra-heavy double wall, too, if my business winds up expanding and I find myself needing to ship much heavier items.   The boxes generally come twenty-five per bundle, and there are literally hundreds of sizes to choose from.

This is why I like so much. I can choose really skinny, really long boxes, or I can choose something up to four feet wide and three feet deep. That is probably the most convenient thing about ordering custom shipping boxes, in my humble opinion. Every now and then, when I want to switch things up, I’ll choose the white corrugated boxes. I like these because they offer the end loading style. These boxes are incredibly easy to assemble, and don’t require multiple steps with taping (or tape at all!). They are the fold and stick kind. Sometimes it’s just nice to take an easier route, and custom shipping boxes let me do that. Once again, there are numerous sizes to choose from with the white boxes, and they come in bundles of fifty or twenty-five.

Whenever I need a specialty kind of box I go to They have had every kind of box I have ever needed to use, and sometimes I have found something even better than what I originally had in mind. As a small business owner, it is such a relief to me to know that I can go to one website and supply my entire company with custom shipping boxes at wholesale prices. There are always plenty of options, and I always walk away satisfied.

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