Cardboard Shipping Boxes, and Why They are Amazing

It’s a good thing that shipping boxes are made out of cardboard. I mean, remember back in the day when everything was made out of wood, or glass? It’s just a really good thing that we don’t have to send Aunt Jean her yearly dog sweater in a wooden crate. Can you imagine how much even the flat rate would be? So thank goodness for cardboard.

Nowadays, in this modern age of incredible and often terrifying technology, a consumer has a vast array of cardboard shipping boxes to choose from. For instance, had you any idea that there is such a thing as a multi-depth box? Unless you are a spy, or involved in some other type of underground, you probably didn’t. This style of box offers a lot of hidden compartments. The point is, though, that you can avoid having to order many different cardboard shipping boxes by getting the multi-depth.

If you own an Amazon shop, and sell books, you know that books come in any kind of shape or size, and so having that many kinds of boxes would be almost impossible. So you would probably want to go with the multi-depth box. If you have a lot of books to send, it’s big enough. If you have only one that you need to send, you fold down the flaps to the desired depth. Voila!

A bonus to these boxes is that when your client receives their new book, they will remark over how cool the box is, and give it to their son, who will find a way to turn into a magic trick. Then, this same client will be obligated to continue buying books from you simply for the box itself, because all of its potential has turned their son into some kind of creative genius. Unless they just ask where you get the boxes, and unless you lie and tell them you make them yourself, they can order their own bundle from

As you can see, cardboard shipping boxes can clearly change lives. And everlasting friendships can be formed over the discussions had about them. Who would want to miss out on that? I’m going to go online right now and open up a public forum where we can all chat about the cardboard shipping boxes we’ve been receiving in the mail. “Today, I found the cutest box ever manufactured, just sitting in my mailbox like when you come home and find a puppy sitting there on your doorstep, staring up at you. It was 3 X 3 X 2, corrugated, oyster white. It still smelled freshly pressed…”

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